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Luxury Gold Curates Romantic Travel to Europe’s Breathtaking Destinations, Heart-Fluttering Experiences

Luxury Gold guests take a hands-on cooking class at Villa Dianella

A trip to breathtaking destinations in Europe is a recipe for romance. The continent’s historic cities, charming cafes and quaint vistas will steal your heart whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or just want to get away with your loved one from the distractions of day-to-day life.

Luxury Gold can take you to some of the most romantic places in Europe in comfort and exquisite style. You’ll stay in elegant hotels at the heart of the destination, enjoy immersive cultural activities á deux, and know that all the details are taken care of by an expert Traveling Concierge.

Here are some heart-fluttering experiences in Europe with Luxury Gold:

Escape into a world of timeless glamour: With a stunning champagne bar, sumptuous upholstery and antique fixtures, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express epitomizes the allure and elegance of the Golden Era of travel. On two Luxury Gold itineraries, guests are transported back in time for a day and a night as they journey from Venice to Paris in elegant cabins dressed in fine fabrics, wood paneling, soft lighting and crisp sheets. In the exquisite dining cars, feast on a leisurely, four-course dinner cooked by skilled French chefs, such as lobsters from Brittany, salt marsh lamb from Mont St. Michel and local and seasonal produce that’s brought on board at stops along the route. After enjoying the elegant atmosphere and timeless indulgence of the train, guests disembark in Paris where they spend another day and night exploring the incomparable City of Light. Luxury Gold guests can experience all the romance of this fabled train on both the “Ultimate Italy” and “La Serenissima” itineraries, which also includes visits to Florence, Rome, Capri, Naples, Rome and Perugia. A poetic itinerary on the La Serenissima journey includes a romantic tour of Verona that’s home to Shakespeare’s famous star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet. Stroll past the well-preserved Roman arena and through a maze of elegant squares to stand beneath the balcony said to have belonged to the Capulet family.

Fall in love on a journey to the past: The elegant and artistic Artstetten Castle is a place where royal history still pulsates with life on Luxury Gold’s “Harmony of Central Europe” itinerary. Part of  Stanley Tollman’s unique and exquisite Chairman’s Collection, guests will step into a romantic fairytale while in Vienna to attend a private reception with legendary local Princess Anita von Hohenberg, who is a descendant of the famous Habsburgs. They’ll hear all about her life, heritage and the fascinating personalities of the Habsburg monarchy. Guests can walk hand-in hand on the cobblestone streets of Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic and gaze their eyes on the marvelous Renaissance and baroque architecture of a 13th century castle, known as one of the most important historic sites in Central Europe. Couples can share an intimate dinner at the elegant Gundel restaurant in Budapest, Hungary’s most renowned restaurant , to feast on delightful local dishes with a backdrop of traditional folk music. For an after-dinner treat, couples can look up at the stars with a glass of sparkling wine while aboard a private cruise along the glimmering Danube River.

Get infatuated with Ireland: An old Irish proverb says that “your feet will bring you to where your heart is.” On Luxury Gold’s “Ultimate Ireland” itinerary, couples can charm each other while learning Irish dancing during a dance class with the Gaelic Roots in Blarney. In Dublin, guests can admire the beautiful, architectural buildings on O’Connell Street, tour the city’s beloved 18th-century Custom House and the marvelous medieval stones of Dublin Castle. Later share an exceptional, Michelin-starred dinner at L’Ecrivain, famous for its fine-dining and delectable, classic French cuisine. Indulge on rich sweets during a truffle tasting in the enchanting, medieval town of Kilkenny with a delectable visit to the local farmers market. While traveling to the beautiful village of Cong in County Mayo, couples can stay in the most elegant place in Ireland–Ashford Castle . The timeless castle is set upon a picturesque 350-acre estate with historical features at every turn, making it a dreamy location for a relaxing, romantic getaway. Guests can will dine à la carte at the treasured George V Dining Room, with delicacies including Ossetra Caviar and Skeaghanore Duck.

Luxury Gold offers a collection of award-winning journeys, guided by a Traveling Concierge, where guests enjoy exclusive VIP Experiences, savor exceptional dining and relax in luxury hotels on every curated itinerary.

The TreadRight Foundation, created as a joint initiative of The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) family of brands, is a not-for-profit that works to help ensure the environment and communities visited remain vibrant for generations to come. Founded by Brett Tollman, Chief Executive, TTC, to date TreadRight has supported more than 40 sustainable tourism projects worldwide. To learn more about past and current work at TreadRight, visit TreadRight.org.

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