Give the Gift of Travel this Valentine’s Day: Luxury Gold Proposes Top 7 Chairman’s Collection Experiences

Join Princess Anita von Hohenberg at Artstetten Castle

Luxury Gold is inviting travelers to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the meaningful gift of travel and journeys beyond the ordinary by presenting its expanded 2019 Chairman’s Collection of VIP travel experiences personally curated by The Travel Corporation (TTC)’s Chairman Stanley Tollman.

The collection offers travelers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to meet the world’s Legendary Locals such as Princess Anita von Hohenberg at her Artstetten castle and Count Francesco Mazzei at his Tuscan estate. Guests will be transported into an elite world of regal lunches, noble dinners and cocktails with aristocracy and they will also meet other exceptional local characters.

Here are the Top 7 Chairman’s Collection experiences with only a handful of select departures offering opportunities to meet these Legendary Locals:

1. Learn the Art of Wine Making with Marchese Francesco Mazzei at his Centuries Old Tuscan Estate

Wine lovers and guests can join the 12-day Ultimate Italy journey on the May 19th and May 22nd departures to meet Count Francesco Mazzei whose family has perfected the art of winemaking for over 24 generations. For the past 600 years, the Mazzei family has been pioneers and champions of Chianti wines since the very beginning. Travelers will meet a member of the Mazzei family at their vineyard estate, Castello di Fonterutoli for a private tour, including a delicious Tuscan lunch using fresh seasonal ingredients and wine tasting.

2. Enjoy a Private Cocktail Reception with Princess Anita von Hohenberg at Her Home in Artstetten Castle

Austria History buffs and travelers can join the 13-day Harmony of Central Europe luxury journey on the May 14th and May 20th 2019 departures to meet Princess Anita. She is a proud descendant of the Habsburgs which includes prominent historical figures such as Empress Maria Theresa and Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Guests will join the princess for a private sparkling wine reception and hear personal stories about her family heritage.

3. Join Lady Jane Percy, the Duchess of Northumberland for a Private Tour at Alnwick Castle’s Award-Winning Gardens
Gardening lovers and guests can book the 9 or 10-day British Royale escorted journey on the April 19th and August 9th, 2019 departures. The Duchess takes immense pride in her family home, the majestic 11th century Alnwick Castle which is considered one of Britain’s most iconic castles and was featured in the Harry Potter film series. Thanks to her visionary planning, fundraising and care, the adjoining castle gardens have been meticulously restored beyond their former grandeur. While over 800,000 people visit each year, only Luxury Gold guests will join Lady Percy for a private tour of her award-winning gardens.

4. Indulge in a Memorable Dinner with Count Remy de Scitivaux at Paris’ Oldest Restaurant Francophiles and travelers can join Count Remy at the legendary Le Procope, Paris’ oldest restaurant in continuous operation since 1686 on the 10-day French Vogue journey on May 11th and September 14th, 2019 departures. Count Remy will recount stories of Paris’ greatest intellects and artists who frequented this restaurant. Guests will enjoy an exceptional dining experience located in the equally iconic Saint-Germain-des-Prés district and sample the famous coq au vin and homemade millefeuille.

5. Sample Local Wines with Canadian Olympic athlete and legendary alpine skier, Rob Boyd in Whistler
Sports fans and guests can join an exclusive reception to meet Canadian Olympic athlete, Rob Boyd in the scenic mountain village of Whistler while exchanging insightful stories and sampling local wine on the 22-day Majesty of the Rockies journey on June 2nd, July 14th and August 11th, 2019 departures.

6. Enjoy Locally Distilled Drinks with Grammy Award winner and Country Hall of Fame Musician, Charlie McCoy in Nashville 
Music aficionados who adore jazz, blues, rock and country music can join the lively 14-day Sumptuous Soul of America journey, departing on the May 12th and September 8th, 2019. Guests will meet Charlie McCoy who performed with musical legends, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash and will recount his epic stories over locally distilled bourbon.

7. Exclusive Celebration Dinner with Cultural Ambassador, Kainoa Hocajo in Maui

Foodies and guests can meet Cultural Ambassador, Kainoa Hocajo and enjoy an exclusive celebration dinner created by world famous chef, Michael Lofaro on the 12-day Luxurious Hawaiian Escape journey, on the April 7th and September 15th, 2019 departures. Kainoa is an emerging leader in the field of cultural tourism and will share impactful stories about his native Hawaiian values and culture. He has studied under the guidance of highly respected kupuna (elders) and to help honour the traditions of his ancestors.

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