Last Call to Enter Global Scavenger Hunt for $50,000 Prize

All you have to do to win $50,000 as the World Travel Champion is circle the globe and visit ten secret countries in 23-days in the one-of-a-kind travel adventure, while out-doing, out-thrilling and out-traveling a worthy collection of international travelers participating in the 2019 event for points for completing a series of highly participatory, authentic and challenging cultural site-doing scavenges scavenges. Trusting strangers in strange lands is required! © Karen Rubin/

Only a few spots remain for adventurous Indiana Jones-types and intrepid Nellie Blys willing to compete in the Global Scavenger Hunt, a world travel championship that hands the winning team a cool $50,000 first place prize.

The 15th edition of The Global Scavenger Hunt travel adventure competition aims to return the romance of travel while testing the travel IQ of the most travel savvy of globetrotters. They will complete a series of highly participatory, authentic and challenging cultural site-doing scavenges in ten secret countries over a 23-day circumnavigation between April 12 and May 4, 2019. Trusting strangers in strange lands is required!

Last call: interested travelers need to apply online at as the deadline is nearing.

“The Global Scavenger Hunt covers a lot of extraordinary travel bases,” says author and Event Director William Chalmers, “Taking our blind date with the world is a 21st century version of spinning a globe and throwing out your finger. Maybe that’s why we’ve been called the ‘Super Bowl of Travel,’ the ‘Olympics of Travel’, and one writer even called our annual travel adventure the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’. I liked that one!”

The reviews for the annual world travel championship are in too: Conde Nast Traveler calls The Global Scavenger Hunt, “the best trip to take…”;  Frommer’s lists it as one of “best adrenaline adventures…” in the world; Outside magazine bills it as, “One of the most amazing trips in the world…”; and National Geographic says that the event is, “…like Survivor, The Amazing Race and the Eco-Challenge all rolled into one except with much more cultural interaction.”

The 23-day around the world event is limited to 15 teams of two with the $25,000 per team entry fee including: all international airfare, first class hotels, 40% of meals and special event-sponsored travel gear. Single travelers are welcome to apply; and all travelers will be interviewed for suitability. Please contact GreatEscape Adventures at +1.310.281.7809 or apply online at (CST#2071053-40)


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