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Luxury Gold Introduces ‘Chairman’s Collection’ of Exclusive Encounters with European Nobility on Select 2018 Trips

Enjoying a private tour of the Doge’s Palace in Venice on the Ultimate Italy itinerary.

RYE, NY– Life-changing, exclusive experiences are the hallmark of Luxury Gold, whose collection of 42 exceptional small-group journeys offer guests the chance to visit extraordinary destinations, meet remarkable local people and have immersive adventures that are not available to the average traveler.

In 2018 Luxury Gold takes exclusivity to the next level with the launch of its new Chairman’s Collection, a curated selection of truly memorable encounters with European nobles in stunning locales that are available on only 12 Luxury Gold departures in France, Italy, England and Austria.

Inspired by the golden era of travel, Stanley Tollman, chairman of The Travel Corporation (Luxury Gold’s parent company), leveraged his extensive personal connections to give guests the opportunity to meet with counts, duchesses and princesses, and go behind the scenes at some of Europe’s most celebrated castles, estates and cafés.

Alnwick Castle in the UK is visited by 800,000 people every year, but only Luxury Gold guests on the brand-new British Royale itinerary get a private tour of the castle’s gardens from the lady of the manor herself. Over the last 20 years Her Grace the Duchess of Northumberland has spearheaded the restoration of her beloved Alnwick Garden to its former 18th century glory, and personally committed her time and energy to upholding her family’s legacy. Guests also meet the head gardener, Trevor Jones, and learn about the various features of the garden such as the labyrinth, the serpent garden and the ornate fountains. Afterward guests enjoy a seasonal lunch and explore the 11th century castle, whose striking medieval architecture was featured in the Harry Potter films. Available on August 9 and September 13 departures.

Café Procope is the oldest continuously operating café in Paris. On select departures on Luxury Gold’s two exciting new journeys in France, French Vogue and French Impression, guests will dine at the 400-year-old café with Count Rémy de Scitivaux. Between bites of coq au vin and other classic French specialties, Scitivaux will regale guests with tales from Procope’s colorful history, explain why it’s one of his favorite eateries in the City of Light, and talk about his noble background and family estate outside Paris. Available on May 11 and September 14 departures for French Vogue, and May 5 and September 8 departures for French Impression.

Ultimate Italy and La Serenissima are Luxury Gold’s two spectacular Italian itineraries. On four departures only, guests partake in an exclusive lunch with Count Francesco Mazzei at his centuries-old family estate in the Chianti region of Tuscany. The property is home to the Castello di Fonterutoli winery, one of Italy’s oldest family-owned firms, dating back to the 1500s. Guests will feast on pasta and wild boar hunted on the estate while learning about the Count’s family history and his approach to winemaking, then take a tour of the property and taste some of the award-winning wines. Available on May 19 and September 22 departures for Ultimate Italy, and May 10 and September 20 departures for La Serenissima.

Austria’s Artstetten Castle has a long and storied history. It was used as a family residence by generations of Habsburgs, including Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination in 1914 sparked the beginning of World War I. It was later seized by the Nazis during World War II, but was returned to the Archduke’s descendants in 1949. One of those descendants is Ferdinand’s great-granddaughter Princess Anita von Hohenberg, the current occupant of the castle. The Princess, who is also a direct descendant of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, shares Hapsburg family stories during a private reception with guests traveling on select departures of the Harmony of Central Europe itinerary. Afterwards guests visit the historical museum and see the crypt where the Archduke and his wife are buried. Available on May 14 and September 17 departures.

Luxury Gold’s Chairman’s Collection “is made possible through the Tollman family’s century-long heritage in the travel industry, and demonstrates their unwavering pledge to provide incredible, unforgettable experiences for guests.”

For more information about the Chairman’s Collection and Luxury Gold journeys, contact your travel agent, call Luxury Gold at 1-888-862-5952, or visit www.luxurygoldvacations.com.


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