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Imagine Exploring Uzbekistan by Bicycle. Grasshopper Adventures Makes it Possible

Grasshopper Adventures is offering a 14-day cycling tour through Uzbekistan

(Bangkok, Thailand) – On a 14-day Grasshopper Adventures cycling tour through Uzbekistan in the heart of Central Asia, guests will experience mountain gorges, desert oases, ancient fortified cities, bustling bazaars, tented caravans, and the Great Steppe, all while absorbing the rich history that has shaped empires for millennia. The itinerary, offered exclusively by Grasshopper Adventures, includes exploring the ancient cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, Shakhrisabz, and Khiva; cycling the incredible canyons and peaks of the Nuratau Mountains; overnighting in yurt camps along the old Silk Road, and more.

“Uzbekistan will not disappoint the adventurer in you, and nothing compares to taking it in on a two-wheeled odyssey stretching across the country,” said Grasshopper Adventures CEO Adam Platt-Hepworth. “The country is on the cusp of a massive opening and reform period, which makes now the perfect time to go.”

The terrain is mostly a mixture of sealed and unsealed secondary roads through rural villages. When cycling in the remote areas of Steppe and desert guests will be on primary/main roads with very little traffic. There are sections of riding on through mountainous terrain which is moderately technical with short, achievable climbs. During some sections, a 4WD support vehicle will follow the group.

“Uzbekistan’s cultural richness and turbulent history are evident today in its diversity, architecture, and tales of empires long forgotten by the modern world,” said Platt-Hepworth. “Riding your bike through a country with an ancient historical narrative and a mixture of no fewer than six distinct cultures is really an unforgettable experience.”

Tour Highlights:

Climbing the pass over Gaukum Peak before descending through the picturesque Nuratau Mountains

Exploring the ruins of Ayazkala

Overnighting in traditional yurts

Visiting the Memorial Complex of Khoja Bakhouddin Naqshbandii, one of the most important Muslim shrines

Cycling around Bukhara and its many historical monuments

Walking the ancient ruins of Ak Saray Palace

Riding the 95km road to Shakhrisabz

Touring the majestic madrassas, gigantic mosques, an ancient observatory, Siab Bazaar, the Necropolis, and mausoleums of Samarkand

Meeting villagers while cycling the path of the Urganchy River

The tour covers 505 km and starts at $4,950 USD. For more info, visit https://www.grasshopperadventures.com.


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