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GlampingHub Offers Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale on Unique Outdoor Lodging Around Globe

A glamping stay in Montana for a wedding © Eric Leiberman/goingplacesfarandnear.com

Glamping Hub is offering its 2nd annual Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale. For every gift card purchased on Glamping Hub’s Gift Card Portal, an additional 20% will be added onto the gift card. This deal will be live on the website from 11/28-12/4; gift cards have a one-year validity. (See: Travel Deals Black Friday 2019 / Cyber Monday Deals (https://glampinghub.com/special/black-friday-cyber-monday-travel-deals/).

Glamping Hub is an online booking platform and leading portal for unique outdoor accommodations across the globe. With over 35,000 accommodations in over 120 countries, Glamping Hub’s mission is to connect travelers with nature in order to create authentic experiences in which travelers can stay in the great outdoors without having to sacrifice creature comforts—camping with added luxuries and five-star amenities. 

Glamping Hub is a third-party booking platform and does not own any of the vacation rentals listed on the website. Guests can find over 27 different types of glamping accommodations to choose from on Glamping Hub from safari tents, tree houses, and cabins to tipis, villas, and domes.

There are several defining factors Glamping Hub looks for in an accommodation in order to determine its eligibility for listing. It must have close access to nature, hotel-quality comfort, and offer guests a unique experience. Glamping Hub’s business model is both transactional and highly scalable. For each transaction made through the website, Glamping Hub collects a 4% commission from the hosts and a 6% to 12% service fee from the guest (depending on the size of the booking), resulting in an average of 10% of the total booking that Glamping Hub retains from each transaction.

In the global market, there is an estimated 100,000+ glamping accommodations—with eight units per site and an average of $320 per night stay—creating a $45 billion (and growing) market. And glamping is not just luxury camping, but also ski getaways, wine country stays, safari excursions, surf camps, yoga retreats, and wildlife tours, which increases the outdoor accommodation marked to $200 billion and growing.

Within the vacation rental sector, Glamping Hub is the one of the only platforms that is both transactional and specialized, which is due to a number of factors, including rigorously researched SEO practices, lower rates and costs, organic traction and unique visits, and its marketing tools. In 2016, Glamping Hub received 2.6 million visits, resulting in 12,000 booking requests and $2.1 million in revenue, and by the end of 2018, those figures tripled. 

Glamping Hub is a global team with two offices—one in Sevilla, Spain and the other in Denver, Colorado—with over 100 employees and interns from over 13 different countries. Not only does Glamping Hub shine with 90% of guest reviews with 4-star and 5-star ratings, but Glamping Hub has also been featured in many highly-regarded publications, including The New York Times, the New York Post, Forbes, TIME, NBC, USA Today, Travel and Leisure, Lonely Planet, O Magazine, and more. 

At Glamping Hub, the accommodation is the destination. In August, 2018, Glamping Hub launched it’s first ever, “This is Glamping Hub” video, on the homepage to redefine what is glamping. Travelers choose Glamping Hub because they care about their trips being truly memorable. We’re different to other websites in that all of our accommodations have been handpicked and placed in a targeted collection, and support our four core values: Unique, Experience, To-Gather, and Nature. Glamping Hub’s accommodations are one-of-a-kind and completely submerged in nature, where our guests can disconnect from their daily lives and reconnect with each other for an experience they will never forget. 

Visit glampinghub.com.

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