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Sattva Land Eco-Resort Offers GetAway Wellness-Focused Vacation in the Belizean Jungle

Nestled on 20 acres in Belize’s Mayan jungle, Sattva provides a tranquil space to reconnect to nature and establish a deeper connection to the self and the collective.

Belize – You come to Sattva Land eco-resort in the heart of the Mayan jungle in Belize when you need to reset, experience the healing power of nature.

The multi-generational family-owned retreat property is renowned for its warm welcome, friendly vibe, wellness amenities, and a setting that lets nature work her healing magic on guests.

“One of the most fundamental experiences we seek out as humans is connection. Whether it’s connection to other humans, the environment, spirituality, or our deeper selves, connecting and weaving our story into the larger tapestry of life often results in profound feelings of peace and wellbeing,” said Sam Combs, general manager and a lead facilitator at Sattva.

Nestled on 20 acres in the jungle, retreats at Sattva Land offer transformational programming along with spa treatments, jungle hikes, meditative garden walks, dips in the natural swimming pool and healing, plant-based cuisine.

With an enviable location immersed in bio-diverse forest and near the coral reefs the Belize coast is known for, Sattva Land offers a wide range of local excursions to waterfalls, caves, Mayan Temples and the Placencia beach. On-property guests can add to their retreat with additional programming from yoga and sound healing to chocolate tasting and a tour of the Sattva’s Land Project.

Accommodations at Sattva are first and foremost eco-friendly with a nod to creature comforts. Guests can choose from everything from a jungle castle to cabins, garden homes and modern suites overlooking a bubbling creek. Unlike many wellness-focused resorts, Sattva caters to individuals, couples and families. The natural setting coupled with an array of family-friendly activities make the resort perfect for multi-generational getaways.

Sattva offers two ongoing retreats. The Threshold is a personal retreat immersion designed specifically for your unique needs and wants. The Entwined retreat is for couples looking to relax, reconnect and grow together.

“As an off-grid, rainforest retreat center and community, Sattva creates a sacred space for people to feel held and supported while they make new connections, grow past their perceived comfort zones, and onboard new mindsets,” said Combs.

Founded in 2014 by members of the Garofalo Family, Sattva has evolved to become one of Belize’s top retreat centers. Nestled on 20 acres in Belize’s Mayan jungle, Sattva provides a tranquil space to reconnect to nature and establish a deeper connection to the self and the collective. At Sattva you’ll find a setting devoted to mindfulness, cultural integrity, diversity and connection to the land, people and the self

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