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Historic Hotels of Europe Adds 20 New Members

Château de Varenne, France, is one of the new members of Historic Hotels of Europe.
Château de Varenne, France, is one of the new members of Historic Hotels of Europe.

France: February 2015

Historic Hotels of Europe, a niche consortium of luxury hotels with historical significance, announced an exceptional growth in new membership for 2015, with 20 hotels joining the group. This new hotels, who hail from France, Austria, Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, Wales and Greece, from brings the total to 500 members.

Spread across the European continent from the UK to Norway, the new members have satisfied the stringent requirements of their respective national hotel groups. Ranging from historic boutique hotels in city locations to luxury estates in the country, the new members include hotels and restaurants in prime locations. Below is the list of the 20 new members per country:

●   Festningen Restaurant – Norway
●   Ghan House – Ireland
●   Restaurant Forty-One – Ireland
●   Campagne Restaurant – Ireland
●   Sea View House – Ireland
●   Thermenvilla Gutenbrunn – Austria
●   Hotel Post – Austria
●   Türmlihus B&B, Fideris – Switzerland
●   Hôtel de l’Ours Bellelay – Switzerland
●   Château de Noyelles – France
●   Château de Varenne – France
●   Domaine de Mombreux – France
●   Castel Damandre – France
●   Hostellerie de la Tour d’Auxois – France
●   Hotel Edward 1er – France
●   The Marpessa Smart Luxury Hotel – Greece
●   Cotommatae – Greece
●   The Corran Resort & Spa – Wales
●   Penally Abbey – Wales
●   Caemorgan Mansion – Wales

Established in 1997 with the objective to promote the unique cultural and historic heritage of Europe, the Historic Hotels of Europe is a gold-standard prestigious network of 500 exceptional hotels, offering guests outstanding accommodation, fine regional cuisine, and the opportunity to experience hospitality in its purest tradition. All Historic Hotels of Europe members have maintained their authenticity and sense of place creating a lasting memory of a Europe both past and present.

Visit www.historichotelsofeurope.com.


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