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Group IST Launches Arcadia Small Ship Cruises, to Sail to Hard-to-Reach Ports

Variety Cruises' Harmony V is part of the Arcadia Small Ship portfolio.
Variety Cruises’ Harmony V is part of the Arcadia Small Ship portfolio.

Group travel provider Group IST has launched Arcadia Small Ship Cruises, marketing a fleet of 11 small ships, including yachts and barges, sailing to hard-to-reach domestic and international ports of call.

Partnering with Blount Small Ship Adventures, CroisiEurope, Rivages du Monde and Variety Cruises, Arcadia Small Ship Cruises offers a portfolio of programs to destinations including Cuba, the Mekong River, Seychelles, Costa Rica, the northeast United States, the Greek islands and France’s rivers and canals. Arcadia aims to offer American travelers a more service-driven and personalized cruise experience at affordable prices, with per passenger prices starting at $1,460.

“Group IST prides itself on offering meaningful travel experiences. Our clients have come to trust us as a provider of enriching land-based travel programs throughout Europe, the Near East and Africa. We’re now thrilled to be able to offer a diverse range of sea-based programs in line with our company’s ideals,” said Group IST President and CEO Michael Goren. “We’ve vetted many cruise lines and small ships around the world, looking for products that we know our audience will find substantial and memorable.”

“Small ship cruises can not only dock in hard-to-access ports, but they give cruisers ample time to explore each destination,” added Group IST COO Tom Souza. “Arcadia ships often dock right in the heart of the various ports without the need to tender and with no long security lines.”

Arcadia Small Ship Cruises offers cruisers programs to a variety of international destinations on state-of-the-art ships, while providing intimate service and fine dining. Arcadia sails to diverse ports of call many larger ships cannot reach, including the islands of New England, the Adriatic and the Panama Canal. Most ships and mega yachts that are in the Arcadia portfolio accommodate no more than 100 passengers, allowing a more personalized connection with the staff and fellow passengers. For more information visit www.arcadiasmallshipcruises.com.

The ships and the itineraries are not new. What is new is that the programs are coming under the umbrella of Arcadia Small Ship Cruises, a newly formed company. There are several benefits to booking through Arcadia, rather than directly through the various cruise lines:

1. Arcadia’s Loyalty Club enables travelers to earn points on any of the cruises, be they operated by Blount, Variety, CroisiEurope or Rivages, and redeem them through any of the operators too.
2. For those we are interested, Arcadia Small Ship Cruises can also handle air arrangements and organize pre/post cruise land programs.
3. Travelers can use Arcadia’s secure website to book or get personalized attention thru the call center. Either way, their information does not have to be re-entered each time they wish to cruise with any of the 4 operators.

For more information visit www.groupist.com.

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