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Wishes Can Come True: 5 Holiday Adventures Abroad

A dream come true: celebrating Christmas on the Rhine.
A dream come true: celebrating Christmas on the Rhine.

The holidays are about making wishes come true. How about that wish for a magical holiday in some exotic place? Here are five holiday adventures abroad:

Christmas in Poland – Visit of one Poland’s famous hand-blown Christmas ornament factories. Learn how to make traditional Polish-style pierogi with your own private chef. Dine with a Polish family for a traditional Wigilia, the Christmas Eve vigil and dinner. Prices start at $3,595. http://www.mircorp.com/trip/christmas-traditions-of-poland/

Christmas on the Rhine – Begin your winter adventure in Amsterdam, amidst the city’s legendary canals and colorful holiday surroundings. Next, visit Heidelberg and Cologne, famous for its majestic Cathedral and bustling Christmas markets. Weave through the fabled Black Forest region and the Alsace region as you make your way toward Basel, then disembark your ship, MS Amaprima, for a visit to two of Switzerland’s loveliest cities, Lucerne and Zürich, where you can enjoy a lake excursion, magical Christmas markets, and pristine Alpine vistas.  Prices start at $4,059. http://www.adventure-life.com/europe/rhine-river/cruises/7272/christmas-markets-on-the-rhine

New Year’s in Russia – New Year’s Eve is the most festive holiday of the year in Russia, with parties, presents, and vodka toasts. MIR Corporation has specialized in Russia travel for 30 years and offers a one-of-a-kind celebratory tour built around New Year’s Day in glorious St. Petersburg, with Moscow merrymaking and a visit to 12th century Suzdal also included Prices start at $4,995 per person. http://www.mircorp.com/trip/russian-winter-wonder-land/

Antarctica New Year’s Celebration – Ring in the new year with penguins, elephant seals, and first-landing buzz. With summer in full swing, penguin highways are busy with traffic between rookeries and beach as parents hurry to fatten up chicks. Glaciers shed ice with an echoing roar and waterways are alive with feeding and breaching whales. Zodiacs whisk you on whale watching cruises and amongst glorious icebergs. The near-midnight sun powers an explosion of life. What an unforgettable way to start the year! Prices start at $8,725. http://www.adventure-life.com/antarctica/cruises/4000/new-year-in-antarctica

New Year’s Cycling Canary Islands – For those who truly long to go off the beaten path, discover the most sought-after places in Europe by cyclists who love to ride all year round. Gran Canaria is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a perfect place for cyclists due to its excellent road network, temperate climate and environment that make for perfect riding conditions. Since the cycling season runs nearly all year long, Gran Canaria is a superb winter getaway which offers a diverse landscape with soaring views of the sea, lush forests, deserts, canyons and volcanic mountains. Prices start at $4,595. http://ciclismoclassico.com/trips/bike-tour-gran-canaria/


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