Bookings Open June 2 for SAS Inaugural Flights on First-Ever Electric-Powered Plane

On June 2 at 12:00 CET. SAS opens seat reservations for its first-ever commercial electric flight in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, which are expected to take place during the course of 2028.  

On June 2 at 12:00 CET. SAS opens seat reservations for its first-ever commercial electric flight in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. SAS invites travelers to join in writing this next chapter in aviation history with 30 seats available for reservation on each of the three inaugural flights – which are expected to take place during the course of 2028.  

SAS’ goal is net-zero emissions by 2050. An important part of achieving this goal is to develop and use technological innovations such as electric aircraft on shorter trips.

“Since its inception in 1946, SAS has been one of the pioneers in the airline industry, being for instance the first commercial airline operator to fly over the North Pole to significantly shorten flight time between continents. A groundbreaking activity for which SAS received the Columbus Prize. The fact that we can now invite our passengers to the next major milestone in the future of aviation is a natural continuation of that pioneering spirit and a significant step on our journey towards more sustainable aviation,” says Anko van der Werff, President & CEO of SAS.  

The ticket price for the inaugural flight will be SEK/NOK/DKK 1946 – a tribute to the year when SAS first started flying. A start-up that also marks the beginning of SAS’ innovative nature, with then-founder Wallenberg stating that “moving from the old to the new is the only tradition worth preserving”. 

Reservations can be made at starting 2 June at 12:00 CET.


  • Reserve a seat at – maximum two seats per reservation and person 
  • Reservations will be made available on 2 June at 12:00 CET in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark  
  • Price: 1946 kr.  incl.  fees and taxes to be paid 30 days prior to the date of the flight once communicated – no fees for the reservation 
  • Departure day: To be communicated to travelers by email when decided  
  • Place of departure: To be communicated to travelers by email when decided  

Towards a more sustainable aviation  

Being a driving force in a more sustainable aviation is our priority, and we are working actively to lower CO₂ emission and reduce climate impact. This includes supporting innovation and partnerships to find new solutions, making investments in new, more fuel-efficient aircraft, increasing production and use of more sustainable aviation fuels and many other enhancements to our inflight offerings and service.   

To reduce our emissions and drive our environmental initiatives, we have short- and long-term climate actions and targets.   

Significant sustainability milestones include:  

  • 2019: a partnership with Airbus to pave the way for large-scale use of low- and zero emission commercial aircraft.   
  • 2019: SAS cooperates with Heart Aerospace to drive the development of electric aircraft. Subsequently, in September 2022, we signed a letter of support concerning their new electric ES-30 to our regional fleet.  

Future sustainability targets include:    

  • 2030: 50% noise reduction compared with 2010   
  • 2030: Sustainable aviation fuel equivalent to SAS’ domestic production.   
  • 2050: Net-zero carbon emissions in line with IATA’s updated ambition.  

SAS, Scandinavia’s leading airline, with main hubs in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm, flies to destinations in Europe, USA and Asia. Spurred by a Scandinavian heritage and sustainability values, SAS aims to be the driving force in sustainable aviation and in the transition toward net zero emissions. The airline has a plan to reduce total carbon emissions by 25 percent by 2025, by using more sustainable aviation fuel and our modern fleet with fuel-efficient aircraft. SAS is a founding member of the Star Alliance™, and together with its partner airlines offers a wide network worldwide.

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