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Japan’s Top Chefs Unite to Support Earthquake Victims in Ishikawa Prefecture

The “Hokuriku Charity Restaurant” continues to elevate their efforts to aid locals in need who are recovering in the aftermath of the recent earthquake that impacted areas within the Ishikawa Prefecture. The charity initiative is led by chefs from celebrated eateries  Makinonci and Remref in Kanazawa, and also includes members from various renowned restaurants in the Hokuriku area, including the one-Michelin Star French restaurant, L’Atelier de NOTO and top Japanese eatery Ipponsugi Kawashima.

The celebrated chefs within the initiative take turns traveling through the areas that have been most heavily impacted, with a mission to provide meals to the local communities as they face the long road to recovery. Setting up local kitchens onsite, the chefs dish out hot, delicious meals at a pace of 700-800 per day in some areas in line with their fierce solidarity and loyalty to their regions.

Although Noto-based chef members from Bossom and Villa Della were personally, extremely affected by the extreme damage, they prefer to focus on the greater good and are actively cooking and feeding those in need.

Though meals are flowing, many supplies are still in need so the initiative is also seeking donations to help locals rebuild their lives.

The group launched in 2016, in effort to assist communities in need that faced devastation from the earthquakes in Kumamoto and will continue their initiatives of support throughout this recovery period.

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