AdventureSmith Explorations Offering Tour, Cruise Discounts for Early 2017 Warm Wearther Escapes


TAHOE CITY, CA–AdventureSmith Explorations has a selection of journeys to warm destinations at a bargain price for those who can act now. Benefits of booking these warm-weather escapes before the deadline include credits of up to $700 off scheduled rates.

Here’s a list of specials with booking deadlines noted:

The Panama Canal springs to life on an eight-day itinerary encompassing Costa Rica and the Panama Canal. Guests who choose a Costa Rica & Panama Canal cruise departing on select 2017 dates and book by December 31, 2016, can select from; free round-trip airfare between Miami and Costa Rica/Panama City, plus a free overnight Panama City tour extension, which includes a private dinner at the Miraflores Locks, a city tour and a visit to the Frank Gehry-designed Bio Museum; or a $500 air credit if they cannot stay the extra day.

This classic route aboard the 62-guest National Geographic Sea Lion transports guests through the Panama Canal to explore Costa Rica and Panama’s famed national parks and wildlife reserves. Highlights are snorkeling at Isla Coiba, exploring shorelines in kayaks and learning from National Geographic guides and experts. The rate is from $6,390 per person, double. See:

In Chile, a lodge-based adventure embraces the recently renovated Explora Atacama. This luxury lodge is in the oasis of San Pedro de Atacama, 8,202 feet above sea level in Chile’s Atacama Desert. From this 50-room, comfort-driven resort guests may combine thermal bath soaks with hiking, bicycling and horseback riding while engaging in their choices of over 40 explorations that are led by bilingual guides. Year-round, day-time highs are in the mid 70s. The first night is free for bookings made by March 30, 2017 for stays through April 30, 2017 (minimum three-night stay). A four-day stay starts at $2,184 per person double. See:

In the Galapagos select January and February departures of sister 16-guest catamarans come with savings of $500 if booked before Dec. 31, 2016. The luxury Petrel dates to 2015 and Cormorant to 2011; each serves as home base for a comprehensive Galapagos Islands cruise. Spectacular year-round, this famed archipelago is especially fun at the start of each year as water temperatures are on the rise making it the ideal time for snorkeling. The regular rate for this four-day program is from $3,090 (Cormorant), or $3245 (Petrel) per person double.

From Iquitos, Peru, guests aboard Amatista Amazon Cruise can experience 20 percent savings if they book this nine-day adventure by Jan. 31, 2017. Enroute is an exploration of one of the last accessible tropical rainforests in the world, the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, during its high water season (typically December through May) when rivers are up to 23 feet higher. This means closer viewing of monkeys and birdlife in the jungle canopy as the ship can go deeper into isolated corners of the reserve. The regular rate is from $2,499 per person double. This riverboat accommodates 30 guests. See:

Paradise of Tahiti: Receive a $700 savings on the Tahitian Affair Cruise if booked by Jan. 31, 2017. With departures that begin in late April, this cusp-o-winter tropical escape sails through French Polynesia’s Leeward Islands, including visits to Bora Bora, Tahaa, Huahine, Motu Iriru and Raiatea.  A bonus is a scenic helicopter flight for embarkation on the luxurious 24-guest Island Passage. Kayaking, fishing, swimming, snorkeling and stand-up paddle boarding add to the fun. The regular rate for this eight-day cruise is from $4,270- per person double. See:

For information on all of AdventureSmith’s small ship cruises worldwide, itineraries, availability and reservations, Phone: 800-728-2875 toll-free or visit
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New Flight Circuit Connects andBeyond Lodges To Southern Africa’s Top Tourist Destinations

Airlink has launched daily flights that connect andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve and andBeyond Ngala Private Game Reserve to each other, as well as to other tourist hubs throughout Southern Africa.
Airlink has launched daily flights that connect andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve and andBeyond Ngala Private Game Reserve to each other, as well as to other tourist hubs throughout Southern Africa.

Travelers to the experiential travel company andBeyond’s exclusive safari lodges in South Africa can now make use of a newly launched network of flights to quickly and seamlessly connect to the region’s top tourist destinations. Regional carrier Airlink has launched daily flights that connect andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve and andBeyond Ngala Private Game Reserve to each other, as well as to other tourist hubs throughout Southern Africa.

The new flight circuit, which operates daily, creates a number of easy travel possibilities by linking the two andBeyond reserves to each other, as well as to other top safari reserves in South Africa, including the northern and western parts of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, as well as Londolozi and Skukuza. It also allows guests to seamlessly enjoy a more varied travel experience by connecting both reserves with beach destinations such as Cape Town and Vilanculos in neighbouring Mozambique. Both andBeyond reserves can also now be easily linked with Livingstone in Zambia.

Not only have connections been made quicker and more convenient but andBeyond has added the new flights to its Fly Me To Phinda safari, which offers complimentary flights from Johannesburg when spending three nights or more at andBeyond Phinda Mountain Lodge or andBeyond Phinda Forest Lodge. The new links to Johannesburg and Skukuza will be included in the offer, while the remainder of the connections will be available as a supplement.

Airlink operates a brand new Cessna Grand Caravan 208BEX on all lodge hops, with the aircraft equipped with advanced avionics features that increase reliability during the low-cloud conditions that the South African lowveld and coastal areas are renowned for. Multiple flight legs can also be booked with the same carrier on a single ticket, resulting in assured connections and increasing peace of mind in the event of any schedule disruptions.  Flights can also be booked by global travel agencies, allowing agents to combine travelers’ international flights and lodge connections on the same ticket.

The new flight circuit will be in operation from January 1, 2017, with flights already available for sale. For more information, please visit, log onto, or contact your travel agent.


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Travel Insurance Company Offers Checklist of Precautions to Keep In Mind When Traveling

Visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, one of the most popular attractions in the world. APRIL Travel Protection offers Americans tips on traveling abroad © 2016 Karen Rubin/
Visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, one of the most popular attractions in the world. APRIL Travel Protection offers Americans tips on traveling abroad © 2016 Karen Rubin/

MIAMI, FL – As a travel insurance company, APRIL Travel Protection may not take sides in partisan conflicts, but it cannot ignore the harsh realities of the world as it strives to keep Americans safe when traveling domestically and abroad. APRIL has compiled a checklist of simple precautions travelers should keep top-of-mind when on vacation.

“It is imperative that travelers are educated on how to remain safe when vacationing in a world that is becoming increasingly volatile,” said Jason Schreier, CEO of APRIL USA.

Reports of hate crimes on the rise throughout the U.S. and a new State Department advisory warning against European travel are unlikely to deter Americans from vacationing. Traditionally, travel agents look out for their clients’ best interests, ensuring they are properly informed and adequately protected. This is one of the many reasons APRIL recommends using a trusted travel counselor.

“Travel agents are often the vacationer’s first line of defense, playing a crucial role in keeping clients safe,” noted Schreier.

“It’s not our role to influence or pass judgment on the political process in America, but regardless of personal opinions on Trump’s presidency, travel counselors recall the anti-American sentiments prevalent during the George W. Bush administration. They are therefore cognizant of shifting perceptions of Americans internationally,” explained Schreier. “Likewise, travel agents assisting members of the LGTB community will advise clients on the dangers they may face in destinations where intolerance is commonplace, often steering them away from potentially dangerous areas in favor of destinations which are more welcoming.”

Vacationing is a staple of American society and one of the primary ways Americans enrich themselves culturally. World events should not deter one from traveling, but vacationers need to be aware of their vulnerabilities and protect themselves accordingly.

Purchasing a comprehensive travel protection policy is the best way to protect one’s vacation investment. Following are a few additional common-sense precautions of which travelers should be mindful when visiting less familiar destinations:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings. This may seem like a no-brainer, but in many cities, travelers average 10 pedestrian miles or more per day as they take in all the sights and sounds of their destination. It’s easy to get distracted and wander off-course. Many travelers actively leave the beaten path in search of more authentic cultural experiences, while some are lured outside of established tourist zones by nightlife or bargain shopping districts. Knowing which areas are safe is crucial. Most Americans know which areas to avoid in their own cities, but many take their safety for granted when traveling in distant locales. Identifying safe zones and staying within those boundaries should be a top priority. Travel agents and hotel staff can be a valuable resource in this regard.
  2. Carry a working mobile phone. Global cellular coverage is a lot better than it used to be 10 years ago. And while roaming charges vary based on carrier, U.S. cell phones will generally operate throughout most of North America as well as many overseas destinations. For travelers who anticipate significant usage, a pre-paid phone or SIM card-or a supplemental talk, text and data plan on their existing phone-may prove prudent, but at a minimum, travelers should carry a working mobile phone at all times. The temptation to disconnect when on vacation may be strong, but operational pay phones are increasingly difficult to find in the case of an emergency.
  3. Ask your hotel concierge to arrange a taxi. In most American cities, the taxi and livery industry is tightly regulated. This is not always the case internationally. When traveling in a region where taxi oversight may be lax, a hotel concierge can recommend a reputable company. If a return trip is anticipated, get a card from the driver and use the same taxi company for the ride back to the hotel.
  4. Travel in groups. Travel packages are often priced based on double occupancy accommodations, but a single occupancy surcharge is particularly common in the mature market. But while FIT or independent travel may be the dominant trend these days, depending on one’s destination, solo vacationers may be wise to consider an escorted tour package. Even for traveling duos, the temptation to split up to pursue individual interests is natural. The husband’s going to impose limits on shopping for shoes and accessories, while spending hours at the pub is bound to try the wife’s patience. There may be instances when it becomes necessary to divide and conquer. In these moments, stick to heavily populated public areas. Statistically, criminals are more likely to prey on individuals than groups.
  5. Let it go. As Americans, we often engage our freedom to speak out against racism, religious intolerance and discrimination. And while one shouldn’t turn a blind eye when observing a crime, if one is the target of a racial slur or other form of discrimination, knowing when to take a stand and when to walk away is vital. When traveling in an unfamiliar environment, a “cooler heads” mindset can help avoid unnecessary conflict escalation.

Observing common-sense precautions can help reduce the likelihood of an incident during one’s vacation, but even the most mindful traveler can be inconvenienced or worse through no fault of their own. In these cases, a comprehensive travel insurance policy can help mitigate the impact of such an occurrence on one’s vacation.

‘Stress Less’ Benefits

APRIL stands out in the marketplace by offering clear and easy-to-understand agreements that make sense for today’s traveler. Additionally, all policies sold by APRIL and its partners feature “instant adjudication” through its signature ‘Stress Less’ Benefits – a ground-breaking feature which allows policyholders to enjoy their vacation without having to worry about out-of-pocket expenses in an emergency caused by severe weather, natural disasters or a wide range of potential issues including injury, sickness, death, job loss or relocation, military duty, terrorism, strikes, supplier default and more.

As the first insurance company to provide this progressive benefit to U.S. policyholders, APRIL offers instant adjudication for applicable inconveniences that can’t be predicted in advance, including emergency medical coverage up to $250,000 (with no deductible), trip interruption covering up to 150% of your trip’s cost, and evacuation benefits up to $500,000. Cancellations are eligible for reimbursement of 100% of their trip costs.

“This means you don’t have to pay out of pocket, endure a ton of paperwork and then wait months to find out how much your policy will actually cover,” explained Schreier.

At the core of APRIL’s efforts to communicate with policyholders is its pro-active approach to keeping up travelers’ evolving needs. A multi-lingual team and 24/7 toll-free access is available from most destinations along with other convenient support channels from Skype to texting, email and live chat. APRIL is the first company to pioneer these support methods for American travelers.

APRIL Travel Protection is owned by APRIL, an international group with 45 operational companies in more than 40 different countries, serving more than six million policyholders worldwide.  APRIL is listed on Euronext Stock Exchange and has yearly sales of more than $1.1 billion.

The company’s U.S. division is supported by American Modern Insurance Group (an AM Best A+ rated carrier) as its preferred underwriter and is headquartered at 11900 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 600, Miami, FL, 33181.

Visit to learn more.


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Guest Ranches Gallop through Winter with Activity Options from Horseback Riding to Skiing

Guest ranches offer an array of activities in winter.
Guest ranches offer an array of activities in winter.

While we often think of a ranch vacation that’s shoehorned into the warm summer months, guest ranches from Arizona to Montana offer an array of activities in winter from horseback riding to skiing. In Arizona, ranches specialize in creating equestrian experiences for their guests in a snow-free winter setting, while spreads in the Rockies take to Nordic skiing, sleigh rides and other cold weather pursuits.

Here are some examples:

A region known as the “Sky Islands of Southern Arizona” is home to the Nash family’s Circle Z Ranch, receiving guests November through April. Guests are treated to horseback riding on thousands of acres sweeping across lush riparian land, deep canyons and high grass valleys between Tucson and the Mexico border.
Depending on room type, Circle Z rates are from $1,264 per person for a four-night stay inclusive of three meals each day, accommodation, horseback riding, tennis, swimming in a heated outdoor pool, bird-watching, nature walks, star gazing, hiking and more. Guests can ride for a full or half day, and the ranch also offers cookout rides and gymkhana games.

“Guests are at the corrals and out on the trails, or enjoying our great food. That’s a typical day,” said Diana Nash. The ranch accommodates up to 34 (more when children are included).

However other properties in northern states interpret winter ranch vacations differently. They forego summer routines focused on hours of horseback riding to focus instead on snow-related fun. For example, Lone Mountain Ranch, an Orvis-endorsed fly fishing lodge, specializes in family ranch and ski adventure vacations that include cross country and downhill skiing, snowshoeing, back country skiing and sleigh rides.

“We think we are the innovator of the modern winter guest ranch experience,” said Paul Robertson, manager. While ranch culture doesn’t vary much by season, activities here do, with opportunities to ski backcountry into Yellowstone and to ski and snowshoe on the same trails where summer guests ride horses. There are 85 km of professional groomed Nordic ski trails and 30 km of snowshoe trails and access to over one million acres of public lands. Skiing and sleigh riding begin in the first week of December and continue typically until mid April. The ranch hosts 70 guests at any given time, including the 1,500 outdoor enthusiasts who flock there in winter. Weekly fully-inclusive winter rates are from $2,300 per person, double occupancy.

At an elevation of 6,500 feet, “we try to do everything we can with snow. Socializing and dining are a big part of winter here as well,” Robertson added. The resort is 48 miles south of Bozeman, MT, in Big Sky country.

The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch east of Cody and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming opens in January and February for several weeks annually for photographers who are led by specialists, and again every other year for a week over New Years. Then guests are welcomed again in April.

“But if we have a group of eight or more wanting to take over the ranch for several days, then we open up!” said Peter De Cabooter, proprietor. Snowmobiling, horseback riding and trout and fly fishing are popular pursuits with snow on the ground. Because the days are shorter and activities must be packed into fewer hours, guests are limited to 14, whereas in summer the ranch can host 25 per week.

“If it’s not too cold to hold the gun, trap shooting is popular,” he said. The ranch also invites guest speakers from museums in Cody to share a meal with guests. On the menu? In winter, soups, and bison meat and Chilean sea bass are favorites after riding by elevations of up to 13,200 feet and through micro climates and biodiversity. Then there are fresh baked goods created daily by a pastry chef from Lyon, France. Information on winter rates is available by contacting the ranch.

Randy George is owner of Latigo Ranch, set on a peninsula of private land that juts into National Forest at the north, west and south. People bring their snowmobiles and can ski literally thousands of acres between Winter Park and Steamboat Springs. At 9,000 feet in elevation, the views of the Continental Divide are stunning. This establishment that specializes in horseback riding in summer turns its hand to Nordic skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. Such frozen pursuits became a favorite for Randy when this engineer-turned-rancher learned to ski on a Vermont hill served by a rope tow.

“It’s so beautiful for cross-country skiing,” George said. “We’re very quiet, secluded and scenic.” His staff grooms 50 km of trails. Some people bring “fat” bikes, mountain bikes equipped with extra-fat tires that ride in the snow. Others go sledding and tubing. “There’s still a strong ranch feel minus the horse component this time of year. There are lots of fun times sitting around the table telling stories. It’s a wonderful, relaxing time without the rush and hubbub found at so many mountain resort settings.”

The ranch hosts up to 35 in the summer and 20 in the winter. Regardless of the season guests will ask which night the short ribs, cooked for 24 hours, will be served. A per person daily rate including accommodation, meals and use of facilities is from $195 from mid December to mid March.

For additional information, rates, availability and reservations, travelers can contact the ranch directly or access two leading online resources for details and assistance in selecting the ranch that is right for them.

Founded in 2011, focuses on where to locate and then what to expect when it comes to the world’s top dude, guest, working and luxury ranch vacations in the United States and Canada as well as Argentina, Mexico and New Zealand. The site outlines special ranch offers, events and opportunities and makes available Top50’s Concierge Service, a no-fee advice service by phone for valued Top50 Travelers who seek extra help while choosing the right ranch for their family or business group.

Another leading online resource,, founded in 1995 and regularly updated, offers an array of dude ranches in the US, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Canada. Arranged alphabetically by destination, these ranches also organize themselves along the lines of the number of guests accommodated at one time, the activities, and if they are meeting friendly. A multitude of activities range from horseback riding and instruction, fishing, hiking, swimming, archery, shooting, rodeos, games, cattle drives, mountain biking, winter sports and more. Potential guests of properties listed on this site have the convenience of contacting the Ranchweb Concierge Service for additional assistance in sorting through the myriad of options now being listed into 2017 and beyond.


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A Royal Safari in Kenya with andBeyond Ecotourism Company

The latest Netflix series has renewed an interest in the royals and their connection to Africa. The ecotourism company, andBeyond (&Beyond), has created a safari to give guests a taste of the royal treatment.

Home of the classic safari, Kenya has an undeniable connection to Britain’s colonial era with its historical aura of elegance and grandeur. In fact, as documented in the recent television series, it was in Kenya that Queen Elizabeth first received the news of the death of her father, King George, and of her ascension to the throne. Inspired by this and the many other connections between the royal family and this former colonial stronghold, andBeyond has created a modern safari fit for a queen. This grand itinerary visits places made famous by explorers and royals of old, including special touches like vintage vehicles, which will take the intrepid traveler on a journey far back in time.

Highlights of the nine-night itinerary

  • Stay in the famous Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi, host to characters such as Theodore Roosevelt on his epic 1909 safari Walk in the footsteps of legends on an historical tour of Nairobi, visiting sites such as the Railway Museum and Karen Blixen’s home.
  • Relax in the lovingly maintained colonial mansion of Giraffe Manor.
  • Experience the wilderness of Tsavo from the luxury private camp inspired by none other than the honorable Denys Finch-Hatton of ‘Out of Africa’ fame.
  • Feel the thrill of walking where the Tsavo man-eating lions once roamed.
  • Ride in a Vintage 1928 International SS motor Truck as driven by Robert Redford in the film ‘Out of Africa.’
  • Explore the Masai Mara celebrating the era of classic luxury at Cottar’s 1920 which is reminiscent of the 1920s.
  • Enjoy a Heliflip to Lake Rutundu for a champagne breakfast where Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton.
  • Excellent photographic opportunities throughout this historical journey.

 The 10 day/9 night trip is available throughout 2017, starting at $19,551 per person/double.

Add on to Uganda

Guests can add to this Kenyan adventure by hopping across the border to Uganda, putting them within reach of the once-in-a-lifetime experience of tracking Gorillas and taking them to the end of the ‘Lunatic Line’ in Kampala.

Complement the Northern section by spending a few nights on Lake Victoria – andBeyond’s travel experts can tailor-make the itinerary.

The itinerary is ideal for history buffs, romance, wildlife enthusiasts and avid photographers.

andBeyond is one of the world’s leading luxury experiential travel companies, designing personalized high-end tours in 15 countries in Africa, five in Asia, and four in South America. The company also owns and operates 31 safari lodges and camps, as well as set-departure expeditions, throughout Africa, which positively impact more than 9 million acres of wildlife land. Established in 1991, andBeyond takes exceptional care of its guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel, conservation and community empowerment has been globally recognized with multiple awards over the years. The company offers warm local hospitality and sublime natural luxury that combine with interpretive natural experiences led by highly-skilled guides and rangers.

For more information, visit


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CA Highway 1 Discovery Route Hosts 4th Annual Coastal Discovery Celebration Jan 13-Feb 28

Enjoy unique wine and food tastings and festivals at the Fourth Annual Coastal Discovery & Stewardship Celebration along the CA Highway 1 Discovery Route (PRNewsFoto/CA's Highway 1 Discovery Route)
Enjoy unique wine and food tastings and festivals at the Fourth Annual Coastal Discovery & Stewardship Celebration along the CA Highway 1 Discovery Route (PRNewsFoto/CA’s Highway 1 Discovery Route)

Featuring a Free Film Festival at Hearst Castle Theater, Announcing New Locations on The Whale Trail, Attend the Third Annual BlendFest on the Coast, Wine Tasting Events along the Pacific Coast Wine Trail, Wildlife Viewing & Stewardship Travel, and Special Lodging Packages in Coastal San Luis Obispo County

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.– The 10 destinations along California’s Highway 1 Discovery Route (H1DR) in San Luis Obispo County from Ragged Point and Cambria to Avila Beach and Oceano are serious when it comes to the annual Coastal Discovery & Stewardship Celebration. Coastal San Luis Obispo County along with California State Parks and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary welcome visitors to immerse themselves in the local marine culture, coastal heritage and natural attractions along the iconic CA Highway 1 Discovery Route through a series of events and activities January 13-February 28, 2017.

Enjoy special marine focused events, unique wine and food tastings and festivals and stewardship travel activities where you learn more about dedicated Marine Protected Areas and how to make a difference on vacation.

“Throughout the annual Coastal Discovery & Stewardship Celebration guests are invited to explore marine life from abalone to elephant seals, learn about nature preserves, participate in fun citizen science activities, and enjoy the many seaside hikes found on the Central Coast,” says Katie Sturtevant, Stewardship Travel Director. “There are more than 40 must-do activities the whole family will enjoy.”

These special events and activities are designed to connect visitors with the land, wildlife, history, people and culture along the H1DR. Must-see attractions and must-do events include a Free Film Festival at Hearst Castle Theater, the 3rd annual wine tasting event BlendFest on the Coast, the fun Bird Sanctuary & Wildlife Day, elephant seal docent-led educational walks, hands-on citizen science programs at San Simeon Cove and many others. Take a whale watching adventure, a planned pier and beach walk, or learn about H1DR marine birdlife with the free SeaPhoto App from the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Visitors will appreciate the Wildlife Viewing and Stewardship Tips when they visit the new Whale Trail ( locations and will delight in special wine tasting room pairings from 11 wineries located along the Pacific Coast Wine Trail, and numerous Edna ValleyArroyo Grande Valley  and Avila Beach wineries as well.

Lodging Specials

Located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the H1DR is made up of ten diverse artisan towns and seaside villages starting just south of Big Sur from Ragged Point & San SimeonCambria,Cayucos, and Los Osos/Baywood Park, to Avila Beach & ValleyEdna ValleyArroyo Grande Valley,Oceano and Nipomo, just south of San Luis Obispo. Many lodging properties along the H1DR are offering specials and packages during the Coastal Discovery & Stewardship seven week celebration.


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Wishes Can Come True: 5 Holiday Adventures Abroad

A dream come true: celebrating Christmas on the Rhine.
A dream come true: celebrating Christmas on the Rhine.

The holidays are about making wishes come true. How about that wish for a magical holiday in some exotic place? Here are five holiday adventures abroad:

Christmas in Poland – Visit of one Poland’s famous hand-blown Christmas ornament factories. Learn how to make traditional Polish-style pierogi with your own private chef. Dine with a Polish family for a traditional Wigilia, the Christmas Eve vigil and dinner. Prices start at $3,595.

Christmas on the Rhine – Begin your winter adventure in Amsterdam, amidst the city’s legendary canals and colorful holiday surroundings. Next, visit Heidelberg and Cologne, famous for its majestic Cathedral and bustling Christmas markets. Weave through the fabled Black Forest region and the Alsace region as you make your way toward Basel, then disembark your ship, MS Amaprima, for a visit to two of Switzerland’s loveliest cities, Lucerne and Zürich, where you can enjoy a lake excursion, magical Christmas markets, and pristine Alpine vistas.  Prices start at $4,059.

New Year’s in Russia – New Year’s Eve is the most festive holiday of the year in Russia, with parties, presents, and vodka toasts. MIR Corporation has specialized in Russia travel for 30 years and offers a one-of-a-kind celebratory tour built around New Year’s Day in glorious St. Petersburg, with Moscow merrymaking and a visit to 12th century Suzdal also included Prices start at $4,995 per person.

Antarctica New Year’s Celebration – Ring in the new year with penguins, elephant seals, and first-landing buzz. With summer in full swing, penguin highways are busy with traffic between rookeries and beach as parents hurry to fatten up chicks. Glaciers shed ice with an echoing roar and waterways are alive with feeding and breaching whales. Zodiacs whisk you on whale watching cruises and amongst glorious icebergs. The near-midnight sun powers an explosion of life. What an unforgettable way to start the year! Prices start at $8,725.

New Year’s Cycling Canary Islands – For those who truly long to go off the beaten path, discover the most sought-after places in Europe by cyclists who love to ride all year round. Gran Canaria is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a perfect place for cyclists due to its excellent road network, temperate climate and environment that make for perfect riding conditions. Since the cycling season runs nearly all year long, Gran Canaria is a superb winter getaway which offers a diverse landscape with soaring views of the sea, lush forests, deserts, canyons and volcanic mountains. Prices start at $4,595.


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